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If you want to go fast, go alone; If you want to go far, go together.

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Master Functional Trainer

Founder of Kinetic Strength, Kirtan is a well-respected coach helming his profession in Anytime Fitness Jurong Gateway.

He started his fitness journey since 11 years of age, played in-house basketball school tournaments and have been competitively boxing for 4 years now.

He takes on a holistic approach to training with his quest for education as a testament.

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified

  • ASCA Level 1 Coach

Yingying Profile Shot.jpg


Womens' Fitness Specialist

Founder of Oooosh Fitness and former Captain of the Singapore Women's Hockey Team, Yingying is passionate in helping others lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Her interest lies in women's fitness, especially prenatal and postnatal training, helping mothers regain confidence and getting their fit bodies back.

One of her greatest achievements was to return to the team to represent Singapore on home ground in the 2015 SEA Games, after becoming a mother of 2 - a role model for many.



Elite Star Piloxing Instructor

Jeni Lim is an AFAA (Aerobics & Fitness Association of America) certified Group Exercise Instructor who is passionate in teaching numerous fitness programs such as Piloxing and Zumba. On top of that, she is also a certified Bootcamp trainer and is one of the few ELITE STAR Piloxing Coach in Singapore, having passed the strict assessment by Piloxing Academy in USA.

She’s currently conducting 23 weekly classes with Activesg - Sports Singapore. A dedicated individual who advocates a healthy lifestyle, Jeni was extremely obese at 85kg back in 2012. With sheer determination, healthy diet and regular exercise, she lost 36kg within 2 years. Since then, she has inspired many other participants, in their journey to getting fitter and healthier.

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