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[1.40 ACE CECs]


REHAB FitPro™ (2 days) cuts through the clutter and offers you a framework and fundamental approach to injury rehab and pain management.


REHAB FitPro™'s framework is as such:
- Restoration
- Eliminate
- Homework
- Ascertain
- Balance


- Students will revisit basic anatomy and physiology.
- They will learn the research behind foam rolling, mobility and recovery.
- They will learn basic pain science.
- They will learn pain management via Communication, Foam Rolling & Movement.
- They will learn Progressive Angular Isometric Loading (PAIL) & Regressive Angular Isometric Loading (RAIL) – science and practice.



Upon completion of this course, students will learn a framework approaching injury rehab and pain management, value-adding to your practice as a fitness professional. .

The skills & knowledge acquired will help you with higher client RETENTION and quality REFERRALS.




REHAB FitPro™ Certification

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  • F45 Jurong CBD - 10 Science Centre Road, Jurong East, Singapore 609079

    • 28 Feb 2020 Friday - 9am to 5pm
    • 29 Feb 2020 Saturday - 1pm to 5pm
    • 1 March 2020 Sunday - 1pm to 5pm




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